My Prayer


Dear Heavenly Father,

Please make me like the waters of a winding, lazy river.  Keep the rhythm slow.  Give me time to see all that you have created.  Give me time to appreciate the loved ones you have placed along beside me.

May I have enough energy, motion, and movement to make my own mark on this earth as I flow along the path cut deep for me and all mankind.  May that mark expose something raw and beautiful.

May the ones beside me feel my love.  May we float together…flow together…bounce off one another in a constant, playful joy.

As my waters near the end of the course laid out for me from the beginning of time, may I meet up in the Great Waters with the other souls of water that have gone on before.  May we be together in perfect harmony…reflecting the colors of Your Wonderful Light…until the time comes for us to rise up as white, fluffy mists to meet with You in the Glory of Your heavens.

In Your Son’s Name,


*note:  This was an edited version of a note I published on my private Facebook page in November of 2012.