About the Author: Holly Y. Smith

Holly Y. Smith
Photo Credit: James Smith

Hello!  I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Holly Y. Smith and I, like most women, wear many hats.

I love writing and this blog website is an act of that love.  Most of the pictures are taken by me unless otherwise noted.  Some are family photographs passed down to me.  I write to express myself, to tell my story, whether that be in a poem, a story, or a photograph.

I have other works; some completed, some still in the works.  It is my hope that I will get my finished works (a novel and works of poetry) into print very soon.

As for my personal life, I am a wife, a mother, and a grandmother.  My family is a great source of pride and joy.  I take my roles very seriously and my writing life may be put on the back burner from time to time.  That’s ok, though.  It gives me more material!!!

I was raised in Northeast Texas…Wolfe City, to be exact.  I graduated from the same small town that my father grew up in.  My grandparents lived on Sante Fe Street, within walking distance of the downtown with its streets of bricks and the school.  I loved this small town, still do.  The experiences I had growing up six miles out of the city limits in the community of Durham will forever be the clay that I was formed from.  It was in high school that I met my husband.  He was a country boy as well.

I now live in Greenville, Texas.  The same town that we used to drive to when I was a teenager to “drag the strip” and meet other people our age.  I attend a small congregation of worshipers at the Hillside Church of Christ and feel very grounded in this life I live.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking an interest in my writing, as well as my life.  I have learned that things that I thought were alien about myself are things many of you have in common with me and it gives me a kinship… friendships, actually, for which I am grateful.